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Female cockapoo puppies

By: Ricky £ 3500 Dogs

Here I have five female cockapoo puppys. Mum is a golden working cocker spaniel with a very calm temperament. Dad is a chocolate toy poodle dog. Both mum and dad...


F1 cockapoo’s

By: Ben £ 3000 Dogs

Proud to announce our litter of beautiful chocolate and lemon roan F1 cockapoo puppies, we have 8 puppies 5 girls 3 boys all fantastic!! mum LILY is a K.C registered...


Rare - CaneCockaPoo

By: sam £ 1600 Dogs

1no merle colour male left 1no black colour male left. All first vacs and chips supplied


Cockapoo puppies for sale

By: Shelby £ 3250 Dogs

Cockapoo puppies for sale 8 weeks old ready to go to a loving home two girl’s and one boy the black oneAll been flea and wormed up-to-date had first vaccination...


Beautiful Cockapoo puppies

By: Sally £ 2500 Dogs

Our beautiful 3 year old apricot cockapoo has had her first litter of 6 pups. 4 girls & 2 boys. The pups are being brought up in our family home...


Stunning F1 Cockerpoo Puppies

By: Poppy £ 3200 Dogs

We are thrilled to introduce you to our stunning litter of F1 cockapoo fur babies. We are now looking for their forever homes and they MUST be 5***** homes only....


Cockapoo puppy’s

By: Billy £ 2750 Dogs

⭐️We have 1 girl 2 boys still available⭐️We’re pleased to announce are Beautiful girl Caeli has gave birth to 8 Beautiful F1 toy cockapoos on the 25th jan 4 girl...


Stunning Cockapoo puppies

By: jim £ 1825 Dogs

Stunning Cockapoo puppies 3 males 2 felmales 2 black females NOW SOLD 2 chocolate males 1 Remaining 1 apricot male NOW SOLD They has been fully vet checked vaccinated and...


Cairn x Cockapoo Tiny White and Apricot male puppy

By: Julie £ 2100 Dogs

I have available a beautiful gentle little Boy Cairn x Cockapoo puppy. He is 14 weeks old. I do not believe in letting puppies go before they are at least...



By: Jane £ 3250 Dogs

Four little beautiful puppies 1little Chocalate girl and 1 apricot and cream girl and a apricot boy and black boy mum can be seen to Veiw with these little ones...

<h3>Cavapoos</h3> <p>Cavapoos are a certain breed of small and medium-sized dogs from crossbreeding of a mum called Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a daddy Toy Poodle. However, within the Cavapoo breed, there are variations based on the type and size of the daddy Toy Poodle used. Look at these variations: Mini Cavapoo <p>The Mini Cavapoo is small, with a curly coat. It’s quite friendly, loving, and good with families. It comes from the crossbreeding of a mum Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a daddy Mini Poodle. It weighs about 11-18 pounds.</p> Toy Cavapoo <p>The Toy Cavapoo is quite small, with a soft, curly coat from crossbreeding of a mum Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and daddy Toy Poodle. It usually weighs 7-13 pounds and is playful, loving, and flexible. This dog easily fits in various living situations, from flats to big homes, and enjoys human companionship.</p> Standard Cavapoo <p>This is a medium-sized dog with a wavy coat. Standard Cavapoo is bred from a mum Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Daddy Standard Poodle. It’s quite large weighing from 15-25 pounds or more. They are very energetic, clever, and good for active families.</p> F1 Cavapoo <p>This Cavapoo comes from a direct cross-breeding between a mum Black Toy Poodle and a daddy King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. It combines qualities, characteristics, and coat types from both parents.</p> F1b Cavapoo <p>This backcross Cavapoo is bred from an F1 Cavapoo and a daddy Toy Poodle. It has characteristics like the father for a curlier coat and is very intelligent. F1b Cavapoos easily master tricks and commands during training sessions that are quite enjoyable for the dog and the owner. They inherited sharp minds from their parents.</p> F2 Cavapoo <p>This is a second-generation Cavapoo, bred from two F1 Cavapoos. The mum is a loving family pet, super friendly Cavapoo, and amazingly good with everyone. The dad is also nice and has a lovely kind nature. It can vary in looks and attitude towards people but generally maintains the friendly and loving nature of Cavapoos.</p> <p>Cavapoos have an untold amount of cuddles and love and are extremely social. They are used to every household noise, washing machine, hoovers, radio, etc. They like interacting with kids, strangers, and other pets like cats. This amazing quality makes them good pets for therapy. Regular grooming is important to maintain their lovely coat’s health and prevent tangling. If it’s your first time to own a dog, try buying Cavapoos, as they are so friendly and easy to groom. You will enjoy living with a pet. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and preferences.</p>